Casa Sol Cultural Events 2003

April 26th 2003

Construction of Andean Instruments
Exhibitor: Jose Luis Fichamba, Director of the musical Andean group “Ñanda Mañachi”

Jose Luis Fichamba, member of “ Ñanda Mañachi” musical band and one of the original members that establish a unique school of Andean music, the only one of this kind in Ecuador. New generations are trained to make Andean instruments, compose traditional tunes, and play the music for and from the quechua people of the Andes. Their aim is to continue with the musical tradition inherited.

“This evening in La Casa Sol we shared along with their guests and friends our experience of our art in constructing traditional instruments such us: Rondador and Antara (Andean panpipes). We are grateful for giving us this space to demonstrate, to make new friends who have enjoyed our story.” J.Luis Fichamba

May 30TH 2003
Huarmirazu / Women of The Snow
Exhibitor: Rosa Elena Moreta Y Dana Platin

Rosa Elena Moreta at her sixties is an activist at Huarmirazu project. Well recognized in her community for fighting for women´s rights.
“As women, we are indigenous leaders who climb mountains to demonstrate our determination of change, in this matter we receive support for our community, such as education for our children. As well, we work in producing recycled cards, made from natural herbs processed by our hands. Thank you to Casa Sol who has given us the opportunity to sell our items here, which have been a helpful contribution to us. Most importantly is the chance to show our work to the rest of the world. Thank you Casa Sol.“ Rosa Elena Moreta

July 25th 2003
Zuleta’s Traditional Embroidery
Exhibitor: Alicia Sarrosa

Alicia Sarsoza was born in Zuleta, spend her childhood between flowers and colorful threads. Her artistic hands an creative mind are her tools to fight for the people’s rights to have a better life. Mother nature is a continuous inspiration to continue her work: “ Between our land and our hands there is always something to make, this intimate relation shapes our work and our ideas”. “It was an honour to have been invited to expose our work in Casa Sol, truly an incredible experience. I shared with people from different parts of the world. I came representing the women form the indigenous community of Zuleta, located in the province of Imbabura, northern part of Ecuador. We conserve our art work, demonstrate our skill which has been well received and given us the opportunity to be recognized. This note is a present to say thank you Casa Sol for this space.” Alicia Sarsoza.

August 29th 2003
Andean Architecture
Exhibitor: Fausto Acosta, Ramiro Rangles & Julio Guayasamín

Fausto, Ramiro & Julio started “Barro Viejo” as a result of their passion for architecture and the love for our land, history and culture. Barro Viejo not only build homes with traditional Andean techniques using adobe, stones and all material that are provided by mother nature for our human nature, but, also they represent the symbols of an ancestral culture in a contemporary reality to fill the necessities of a contemporary society in need to stay in contact with all life’s forces.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Casa Sol. Presently we are working on Casa Sol´s project, Andean House, located in Peguche-Otavalo, Province of Imbabura. We work with building materials such as terra cotta and adobe. Tonight we had the opportunity to share our story. Thanks for this participation we were able to amplify our work area to future projects .” Barro Viejo.

September 26th /03
Cultura Cofan
Exhibitor: Roberto Aguinda, SOBREVIVENCIA Foundation Director

Roberto Aguinda, Sobrevivencia Foundation’s director, comes from a family of leaders. They work with the indigenous community in the Napo region to improve community projects. Since Ecotourism plays a big roll into their development, it is their concern the protection of endemic species such as the Charapa Tortoise. The foundation also works toward bilingual education for the children and youth. As a foundation they are looking for funds through the arts and crafts made by the quechua people of the Amazon Forest.

“This has been an opportunity which we are grateful for Casa Sol in opening this door allowing us to talk with people who accompanied us tonight. We presented our projects explaining problems in this zone which we find ourselves located close to the Columbian border. Besides this difficulty, we walk with optimism. We have demonstrated our craft work. Among the invited guests there were personalities from the tourism sector, such as the Minister of Tourism Finland, who will be our future contact in the exterior. Thank you to everyone in Casa Sol.” Roberto Aguinda.

October 31st 2003
Andean Ballet ¨Humanizarte¨
Exhibitor: Nelson Diaz, Director of Humanizarte

Nelson Diaz was born in Quito, he is the director of Humanizarte Andean Ballet, a dance school that teaches Andean culture through the dance. Their principle is to be in harmony with Pachamama or Mother Earth, whose energy provides the dancer emotion, passion and fulfillment of being in balance with life.

“This gathering completed our objective to penetrate the heart and thoughts of those who assisted this presentation. Our work called “Chacan”¨, which is the name of the Andean star, this is a symbol represented in our dances, synchronized with the delicate music which transmit emotion. Thank you Casa Sol for giving us the opportunity to share and continue our path.” Nelson Diaz