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Recomended sites to visit:

A coffee company with cafeterias whose main purpose is to serve the best possible Ecuadorean coffee in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.
A site with all the information about the otavaleño community in Ecuador and around the world.
The Black Sheep Inn is an inexpensive ecologically friendly hotel high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador

A cloud forest reserve and lodge in Ecuador’s northwest, located on the new “Ecoroute”.

Join Ecuador’s Mountain Biking Pioneers on a mountain bike tour through Ecuador’s spectacular countryside.
South American Explorers
The non-profit South American Explorers (SAE) is the best overall source of travel information for South America.

Otavalo Kichwa Tours

Experience the magical Andes and it´s living cultures from a new angle with Otavalo Kichwa Tours.

We are the Kallari craft cooperative, a grassroots coalition of Amazon Artisans. Our craft cooperative began in 1997 with less than fifty families and has grown to 360 families, representing over 1000 artisans.

Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Travel Information – Ecuador Tours, Galapagos Cruises – Andean & Amazon Jungle Tours & Lodges.

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