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“LA CASA SOL " Classic”

It is located 1 hour from the new international airport, inside the most touristic area of modern Quito La Mariscal. Our house was an antique place rebuilt to be a hotel with its own ethnic character, full of Andean identity. Its decorations, colors, courtyards and other services make this house a wonderful place to take a rest, relax, get ready and prepared for your trip around the rest of Ecuador, in the middle of the world.



Spred across a spectacular Andean valley and flanked by volcanic peaks, Quito`s setting alone is enough to strike you speechless. The historical center -or´old town, as it´s called -is maze of colonial splendor, an Unesco World Heritage Site since 1978. Quito is corrently flush with pride after 2006 markerd the final installment of a massive restoration project that spruced up buildings and churches, brought historic theaters back to life and mode the old town´s formerly sketchy streets safe explore once again.

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