La Casa Sol, along with Andean Touring Co. International tour operator offer exclusive service to our guest in discovering Ecuador & Galápagos, exploring the amazing richness in history, culture & ecology.

Daily tours are offered to the most popular destinations around Quito, all tours includes private transportation & experienced bilingual guides. . Please feel free to contact us to for any customized desired outdoor trips, we will be delighted to provide you all the information you need!.

Quito City Tour (The enchantment of Quito! )

Quito runs along the beautiful “Cordillera de los Andes”, at the foot of Pichincha Volcano. It is a city of contrasts: Modern with large avenues, organized transportation and modern buildings to hold the busy life of the Ecuador´s capital city. The Old face of the city shows times in history transforming Quito in a city Patrimony of Humankind.Quito was once the land of brave indigenous warriors, the land of the Quitus with sacred temples were to honour the “Inti God”. After the Spanish invasion great churches, plazas and parks were built, its architecture, sculpture, paintings reflected the flourishing time of our city.

Mitad del mundo tour (In the Middle of the World, 0ª Latitud)

In the center of the world, fortunate to be the greatest site on earth for astronomical view, is the monument to the 0 Latitud, the equatorial line. The monument holds inside an ethnographic museum to show the richest of the Ecuadorian culture and its people. Near by the Pululahua Volcano at 3 356 mts, the most fertile valley awaits offering an unforgettable landscape at the mouth of the volcano.

Mindo Tour (Birds and orchirds Paradise)

Mindo, a subtropical paradise with a great variety of birds and endemic orchids of every imaginable color , shape and size. Mindo Reserve is crossed by a copious river of the same name that invites to practice tubbing and rafting.

Otavalo Tours (The Sunrise Valley)

The Sunrise Valley (Imbabura-Otavalo), a place of myths and legends, with the majestic Taita Imbabura (father mountain) and Mama Cotacachi (the mother) welcome visitors to the land of the lakes. Otavalo, the home of the otavaleño people, holds the largest indigenous market in Latin America

Cotopaxi National Park Tour (Cuello de luna)

In the central region of the Cordillera de los Andes, always covered with ice, Cotopaxi, the great colosal volcano stands at 5897 mts over the sea level. This active volcano is the center of attention for Cotopaxi National Park visitors. The natural museum at the entrance displays the fauna of the park that includes Limpiopungo Lake and Rumiñahui mountain. At the chilling temperature of the refugee at 4800 mt, it is to feel that between the earth and the sky there is only our will to be part of this wonderful creation.

Papallacta Hot Springs (Natural springs to relax)

At 1 hour north east of Quito towards the Amazon rainforest, Papallacta is an oasis of tranquillity with an amazing green landscape. Its famous thermal waters offers a well deserved rest to our bodies and spirit. Hiking or horse back riding between the two Natural Parks that border this area (Cayambe-Coca & Antisana) will be an unforgettable experience.