Feel like home


Our house

The intimate, sunny atmosphere will make even the most weary traveler feel at home.

La Casa Sol in Quito.- It is located 15 minutes from the international airport, inside the most touristic area of modern Quito. Our house was an antique place rebuilt to be a hotel with its own ethnic character, full of Andean identity. Its decorations, colors, courtyards and other services make this house a wonderful place to take a rest, relax, get ready and prepared for your trip around the rest of Ecuador, in the middle of the world.

La Casa Sol is considered part of Quito┬┤s cultural patrimony. Years ago it was a residential home in "La Mariscal" the most popular neighborhood for wealthy families. Today, Mariscal is a modern tourist center with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries and interesting streets and parkways full of colorful arts & crafts markets. Mariscal is not only where the embassies and consulates have their offices (US, France, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and many others), but also where you can find beautiful handcrafts, paintings, carpets tapestries and sculptures made by talented local artists. We invite you to visit our home, make yourself welcome, and remember... "La Casa Sol is your home".