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LA CASA SOL - OTAVALO (Andean Home Lodge)

OUR HOUSE... La Casa Sol Otavalo !!!

La Casa Sol Otavalo kitchen, the lounge with a fireplace, dining room, bar - cafeteria, reading area, games and television lounge, meeting room, open spaces and resting places, between others, are some of the various comfortable settings that La Casa Sol Otavalo offers.

La Casa Sol Otavalo ’s daily menu, a balanced, nutritious dinner and breakfast, is based on traditional Andean food eaten in the countryside. The products used in Casa Sol Otavalo ’s kitchen mostly are from La Casa Sol Otavalo ’s small orchard and of the orchards of its neighbors, cultivated in an organic way with a high level of quality.
La Casa Sol Otavalo 's parking area is limited. Inside La Casa Sol Otavalo 's property, there is only space for six cars. Also, La Casa Sol Otavalo has laundry, phone and Internet service, a dining room area with room service, a gallery of handmade products, storage for the luggage.  La Casa Sol Otavalo also has mountain bicycles equipped with professional components and private transport.

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